Current Development Update

Hey, been a little while!

So to address a few things:

  • The project's not dead!
  • There was a pretty sizable burnout period last year, especially this early on in this story, but I've used that to improve upon my skillset both with art, coding, and worldbuilding. v0.2a was pretty uhh...unsustainable. I should have been more upfront about this early on, that's my bad.
  • A lot of the assets and mechanics have been/are being reworked from the ground up. It'll be a while longer before it's all fully redone, but so far it's been fairly successful.

What's been redone?

Promo art! The old piece I'd been using was...preeetty outdated. There's a preview of some upcoming characters now too!

Killigan's grown a bit and gotten about 300x fuzzier to compensate.

Mac's put on some weight from countless nights of quick snacks and endless studying.

Zhokhar puffed out his chest to crank up his attitude least 50%.

Many other characters have also gotten makeovers and are being joined by some new faces! 

Additionally, the equipment screen has received a major overhaul, and now looks like this!

So what's left?

...A lot. Again, it'll be a good while before another release, but I don't want to give you guys something that I'm not fully satisfied with myself. A few features that I am experimenting with though:

  • A combat system, involving quicktime events
  • An overhauled stats screen, including a restructured personality system
  • Less rigid structure for days' events, outside of story-critical events
  • More interaction opportunities in certain scenes (similar to the armor crafting scene)
  • A further expanded prologue

That's about it for now! I'll try and keep you guys posted as development continues.

Thanks for your support and patience!

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yoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so glad it ain't dead, but even more glad you ain't dead BROTHER. Hope all is well and you're making life great

Very good story The whole system is very OK. I feel good about it

so... new version released?(I'm using mac OSX)

really want to play the new ver. soon

(1 edit)

Was this update for pc?

Its an update for the game period

I just finished the demo, oh... 3-4 times (saved at the first meal choice), and I'm glad it's not dead. Also loving the new character changes. I was already all for Zhokhar and his burly manliness and now he's even burlier and manlier. Maybe I should knock Mac out and let Zhokhar bend me over a tavern table -cough cough-

Anyway, looking forward to seeing future updates, it's already awesome and you're improving it more. So cool. 

like the entire world agrees with this.

(and prolly alot of people with the zhokhar thing too.... especially me...)


Mac has become a thicc boi now, and Zhohark went full bara tiddies, both very nice 👌

You literally rebooted your game, very common in game development as such heh. While I'll definitely miss the original's quirky cartoony chibi aesthetic, this rework overhaul does look even more impressive. A combat system tho wowzers, really didn't see that coming. So going RPG with this in a way? If so I'm game for that :D


It has returned! The prophecy was right!

In all seriousness, I'm so glad that you feel good enough to continue work on this and as a few have said already, the wait is worth quality content. Also, I never told you but I find the scene with the depression and the button not working as well as it should really powerful and I related heavily.

Thanks for the update and I hope to see more from  you in the future.

Yeyy this update make me so happy!! ^-^

Thanks so much for  continuing the development!!

Love the progress!! Looking forward to see more of your developments in the future. <3


I love this game and its old art was really good, but now your new art is even better, I think you waiting to improve your art really shows. also, your new ideas and world-building seem really great I can't wait to see that in your game, and about the wait for the update, I think we can wait a bit longer so take your time.


Take your time with it! Although us fans are dying for a new release, it's not worth it if you, the creator, isn't satisfied with your creation! Instead of rushing out update after update, push out something that you can be proud of.