A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Set in the land of Canavar, you play as a bull-like barbarian named Killigan Stoneworth, determined to follow an enchanted treasure map throughout the world. He meets several companions along the way that join him in his quest for unimaginable riches, and who can become more than companions, if you wish.

Killigan's Treasure follows an overarching plot at heart, but you CAN choose to pursue a relationship with certain companions (All relationships are currently M/M). Each of them has their own backstory and events that tie back into the overarching plot, so you don't miss out on any story-critical information just for pining after a boyfriend.

Deep in development, will be a work in progress for a while to come. Beware, it's mature content and only for people ages 18 and up!

Wanna support development? Check out the Patreon!

Created with Ren'Py!

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the .zip somewhere on your PC and double-click the .exe!

Mac: Should only need to double-click the app!

Android: Download the .apk and install!


KilligansTreasure-0.5.2a-pc.zip 334 MB
KilligansTreasure-0.5.2a-mac.zip 316 MB
com.killigans.treasure-10-universal-release.apk 348 MB

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is anyone getting to the part where Killigan checks the map after the fight with that dog thing if so when he checks the map does it just freeze on you or am I doing something wrong?

Yep,same here. Are you playing in Android? 

no I’m playing on pc but I’m guessing Android is getting the same problem 

was about to ask the same thing and yes its android too.


There is a bug with it right now, I'm working on getting a hotfix out as soon as I can.

For now, the workaround (only works on PC/Mac) is to rollback to before the map comes up, open up the console with "CTRL + O"  and input "_dismiss_pause = True", then exit out of the console by inputting "exit"

How to skip seen text?

I just wanted to let you know that the QTEs on mobile are really slow and delayed, making the gameplay tedious. Besides that, awesome game so far.

I just want to ask, is the update today or some other day? :)

It'll be on the 28th.

For some reason I'm unable to download the current version, I'm waiting for it to start downloading and nothing happens and yes I have my adblocker disabled.

adbloocker didn't do with download

I'd like say, wow! This VN is such a great experience I've had cries, laughs, and happiness from this great one sitting. Great writing, great visuals, and even the music matches the moments. I'd like to say keep up with this project, and I'll support you guys all the way through. :D

Thank you so much for making mac so plump and cute

Well, this is not at all what I expected, but I'm also enjoying it a lot more than I expected, so I guess that's a good thing.

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Ok, now that I've played through the demo so far, I... actually feel like this should be a linear VN. I don't really like linear VNs, but considering you really don't have much choice in anything anyway, I'd prefer linear over illusion of choice. That said, I have only played through once, so who knows, maybe the game would be really different if I made different choices. That's really the only two possibilities I'm seeing -- either the paths are radically different from one another, or the choices don't actually matter much. There's also the fact that at least half of what the game promises doesn't appear to even have been implemented yet as far as I can tell, so maybe it's just waaay too early in development to make a judgment.

Yeah so far only a couple days are in so the choices that would be affecting gameplay prolly haven't taken effect

Huh? Do you have an old version? There are several days.

Your right I checked and I forgot to update my game.

Yeah, you... really don't have many choices. You can choose how you feel about the events that are happening, and this sometimes affects the noble/barbaric bar (that doesn't appear to have any effect on gameplay), but those events happen in pretty much the same way regardless.

Thanks for the feedback.

There are plans for more diverging and exploratory content in the near future (as in, within the next couple updates). Choices are somewhat limited compared to other non-linear VNs at the moment due to it still being pretty early in the story, while mechanics/stats will become more fleshed out and integral to play as development continues. Consider currently available content to be a setup stage, or like a bridge between traditional VNs where it's 100% text-focused and a later stage of this game, where interactivity and choices between events will become much more prevalent.

I mean, this is already highly interactive for a VN. I don't like the combat mechanic in this game, but that's a different thing entirely and just my personal opinion.  I'm talking more about the fact that there are a lot of choices to be made, but they... just don't matter.

I had my doubts but dang this game is awesome! Love the music, people and art. Cant wait for the next update! Keep up with good work!

Hey killigan!! I found bug 

I fixing my armor but i can't return ,I got stuck in there


How do I get the whole armor set in the shop at aris


did u remove skip unseen T^T

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I like the new update tho i do have to ask how to transfer save data? Its getting tiring starting all over for a little bit more progress (also i wanna give macsen a hug D=) im on android

Sadly, you'd need to have your device rooted to manage saves.

yessss i love killigan

Yay new update! :D


i enjoy zhokhar a lot. maybe it's because i always think pugilists are cool as hell, but he must have some power if he manages to "run" a town with nothing but pure intimidation and his two fists to back it up.

I think I should ask, Will the world end up being a sort of exploratory rpg kind of thing once the story is finished? like between towns you use the mechanics to explore, fight, forage, buy/sell to gear yourself up before the next town? or will it be fairly similar to the first week where everything is more static... I was assuming the first week in the wilderness was something like a tutorial going over everything once just to make sure you understand it and the rest would be random stuff?


Sort of.

Between towns, travelling will be more freeform and similar to how it was after leaving Redroot, but expanded upon since Killigan will have companions to journey with. Inside towns (like in current content), it's usually going to be more static, but more plot-focused. Mechanics, combat, etc. will come into play during both parts.

Um why do I have to download a new game? I already have the last update game tho? Is something wrong or is this normal?

Is your game marked as v0.5?

The new game I downloaded yes but not the previous that I have on my phone. It doesn't update the 0.4 to a 0.5 for me

I assume you're talking about the version number on android, right?

Some applications on certain systems can't update their version number sometimes, but if you have certified yourself that you have downloaded and installed the most recent version, then there is nothing to worry about. Go play the game and enjoy the new content.


the game is very Fantastic and i looooooooove it!

please tell me if you plan to release it on Steam in the future,

that i can make more of help to ya by buying demoor sth other

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Are we gonna eventually run into sunny from the prologue or he doesn't appear ever again after the prologue?

Tell me how long killigan v0.5 will release ?

v.0.5 is out for patrons now, over on Patreon. v.0.5.1 will also be released on Patreon in a few days, capping off Day 3 from v.0.5's build, and will be released here/to the public once v.0.6 is released to patrons, at the end of April.

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Thank, Glad that you answered me. 

= v.0.6 I want many porn scene 

when you lost in battle the enamy will fuck you or something like that but if you win, you can do what whatever you want with them 😍😍


The game is beautiful and very pleasant, it has a very emotional story, I confess that I was very sad and speechless with its very impactful beginning, I loved the game and support in whatever it was I loved it.
I recommend it to everyone who likes a nobel look.

does this game already have some sex scene?



Dont listen to the man below me once in a while is fine don't make it a constant thing


would you like add more watersports scenes

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i stuck on shot tree , it always say "thats weak" can anyone help me 


This game is like my real story 
keep going your work


I just wish more sex scene on future build


Is there gonna be a future town where nudity is okay in a future build?


Intesting qustion!!! (°o°)


I wont lie macsen's (i think i spelt it right) new design is quite cute (and handsome) and it's cool to see your designs for other characters evolve as well =) I look forward to your next update and i hope you have a great day =D

Android iSn't working in new patch :( 

Works for me tho i had to clear space when it wouldnt install are you having the same issue?

Yep. Even though there was enough space ı had to delete some apps.

Is there any contiune button on the title screen?

Yes, it unlocks after a certain (very early) point in the prologue.

But if I skip the prologue then contiune my savedata form pervious version, the contiune button will not appear...

I'd recommend playing through the new prologue, as it contains a lot more fleshing out of Redroot, more depth into Killigan's backstory, and a few...saucier scenes.

"Scenes"? Does that mean that there's more than one saucy scene in the prologue?

There's only one dedicated saucy scene in the prologue, but another saucy bit before that that's a bit more sudden.

can not wait anymore

Is tommorow or today the update?

Can't wait!!!


Within the next few days, likely Friday

Is it coming today?

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Slight change of plans, it'll be coming tomorrow! The build's in testing right now and almost ready to be published, but I've put up a preview of its content in this post over on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/34424647

What does it mean by patreon only build? Do you mean exclusive content or just early build

Just early build. v0.4 (the one coming tomorrow) will also be uploaded here tomorrow, v0.5 onwards will follow a delayed schedule where patrons have access to the next build first, then a month later that build will be uploaded here (as the public build) while patrons get early access to the next new build

so today? :D

Can someone tell me when will this game update?

just curious

Once per month, during the last week of the month.

ouhh thank you very much


Just A Joke :




Sorry ^ 3^


Ah Cara . . .

Amei Essa Atualização, Eddio, Achei O Macsen Muito Fofinho, Adorei Suas Animações De Magias Também !

Acho Que A História Está Tomando Um Rumo Muito Melhor Que A Anterior !

Estou Bem Ansioso Pela Próxima Atualização !

Obrigado Por Nos Disponibilizar Esse Jogo !

Te Desejo Sucesso E Uma Boa Saúde ;3

Bye Bye ^ 3^

Is the update today?

Yes! It'll be at 2PM EST

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YAY, cant wait.

i love it! and wasnt expecting the watersports but i looooved that scene!

How did you get that scene?

just dont go to the bathroom and be bottom with the dog

what part is this at? i cant seem to find it

Deleted 131 days ago
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