A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Set in the land of Canavar, you play as a bull-like barbarian named Killigan Stoneworth, determined to follow an enchanted treasure map throughout the world. He meets several companions along the way that join him in his quest for unimaginable riches, and who can become more than companions, if you wish.

Killigan's Treasure follows an overarching plot at heart, but you CAN choose to pursue a relationship with certain companions (All relationships are currently M/M). Each of them has their own backstory and events that tie back into the overarching plot, so you don't miss out on any story-critical information just for pining after a boyfriend.

Deep in development, will be a work in progress for a while to come. Beware, it's mature content and only for people ages 18 and up! Content updates are usually uploaded during the last week of each month.

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Created with Ren'Py!


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Install instructions

Windows: Extract the .zip somewhere on your PC and double-click the .exe!

Mac: Should only need to double-click the app!

Android: Download the .apk and install!


KilligansTreasure-0.13b-pc.zip 380 MB
KilligansTreasure-0.13b-mac.zip 363 MB
com.killigans.treasure-25-universal-release-12a.apk 374 MB

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What time will the next ver. release in southeast asia time?

Around 5pm EST Jan. 25th, which will be 5am Jan. 26th there.

Will there be certain choices that requires certain strengths like charm, strength and etc. Because I have not seen a use for them yet other than trying to get more of it?

Yes. Future content will make more use out of stat checks, right now the focus has been to build them up.

I have a question  will zhokhar joins the adventure when they leave the city of aris?  And are you able to have a relationship with thia big meat?

He'll join eventually and will be romanceable, yes.

Yes!  Omg thank you so much for this wonderful information!! 

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you're game is amazing maybe this year will be intresting story and new characters 

I have a question in what updates Killigan And Mac leave the city Aris and go new adventures 

Hasn't happened yet.

thanks for the answer if I understand correctly then the new update will be released on January 25 only for patreon  what about new public  update please give an answer

The next public update will be on the same day, January 25th.

thanks for good news and good luck 

I have a question about the clutchmates. The only I know how sparring works is Tofi's, which is pretty simple. With other ones, I always seem to get low charm/wits, 3 at best compared to brawn which I could get up to 5. Am I sparring correctly?


Yes. Sparring with the clutchmates is weighted more towards brawn due to how it affects the upcoming competition, but you can also earn a maximum of 3 points towards the other stats with each spar.

Ah alright, thanks!

It has really nice story and lovely music. I really like this VN. Wonderful job!

Heya it keeps saying end of build is there any new updates becausethey are not showing up

im dying for something sexy to go down with my Daddy Zhokhar :3

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I've been going back to do things around town but I still have no mention of this "better fitting attire" on Day 8. Please help if you can

Make sure you've sparred with each of the clutchmates and helped out with their predicament too, they'll appreciate it enough to see about pulling some strings...

Also don't worry if you don't obtain it, it's not necessary to progress the story.

So u have to spar with all of them. By what day?

Before your last chance to spar with them on Day 8.

I just finished Day 8 but I still have a save right before starting exploration on Aris Day 8, can I use that chance to spar with them and get their tip? I've helped them out on Day 6 and so far only sparred with Atama, but I can easily load the save and spar with the other 2

You should, yes, if you dedicate the whole day to sparring with them.

I really like the clutchmates. Are they dateable? If not, will there be a sex scene with them?

I don't know if I missed anything but I did almost everything and it doesn't let me help Mac with his problem(Day 8) I'm being vague to not spoil. Can't I really help him? or is there a route needed?

He gives you a hint as to where you can go to help him with his problem. And don't worry, it's not affection-locked.

oohh.. found it. he's so cute. Thank you

I'm confused; is there actually a way to obtain "better-fitting attire" on this last day? I've been trying for a while now, but either I'm missing something very obvious or there are hidden requirements that I can't find.

It's intended to be obtainable if you've spent the past 4 days fairly active around town, helped out at least a few townsfolk, and sparred with the clutchmates.

Is cabbote a romancable character so far I think he's my favorite


0.12a wasn't much of an update at all. A few pages and that's it?


v.0.12a should add the entirety of Day 8, is that not what you're experiencing?

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I want Killigan and Macsen sex scene

yeah I got it but it didn't add much story wise this time. 

馃馃 What about V.0.12 Well I Just Wait and Big Surprise..!!!


this game is sooo good holy crap! keep on the good work,i wish i could help you out somehow,you got this!

Are there any other sex scene other than tbe masturbation at the start and the glory hole/masturbation in the latest build? If so, how exactly can I play them (Im dumb, so be specific please)?

You need "defense" to protect Cabotte,and enjoy in the inn.

Remember save before drink,there are some differences in sex scene.

Can you actually have a relationship with Mr.  Beastslayer 貌w贸 i require to know!

Is there any NSFW scenes in this game?, Asking for a friend ;) 


To be honest i actually though it was gonna be little plain but hell naw its soo good i love it great job on the project

great game. just wanted to ask if the reptile city is based on dubrovnik

I Like This Game No Problem On my Mobile 馃憤

Keep Making Update I'm Appreciate What You doing 

sorry i forgot to get the map

The game crashes when it goes into aris and does not enter the map it gets stuck when it goes into and doesn't enter
yes the game crashes when entering the aris map i don't know if it's a bug

Can you give more details? Which day is this occuring on? Is this upon the first time opening the Aris map or after coming back from one of the points of interest (coliseum, bathhouse, etc)?

I saw a bug you can't enter the next city on the map

Not sure what you mean. Are you referring to Killigan's own map or the explorable Aris map?

Is the update sched somewhere around the last week or the last day of the month?

It's often during the last week of the month, yes. There'll be a new update tomorrow.

I was wondering if the beastslayer, forgot his name, may join the party. I know he is mostly evil, unfortunately, but he seems like a tsundere or a stubborn person that would follow him on his journey just to see what he finds at the end. Plus he is hot lmaooo.

I know I saw that he (Zhokar) is at least going to have a romance route in another comment, so there's hope there.

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You can have sex without drinking! Touching Cabotte is great!

Hello, I love the vn it's my favorite of all, but I find some glitches in the codex, getting stuck in some sections, y but I still loving killigan's treasure <3

Which parts of it are you getting stuck in? Usually closing and reopening the codex fixes anything weird that can happen.

Basically in any  part of the game, and I tried already closing the codex and open again but doesn't works :(

Honestly, I'm not really sure what's causing you to get stuck, but I'll investigate for the next version and see if there's something that can cause what you're describing. For now, the best workaround I can suggest is uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

ok, I finished it anyway,thanks ^^


Omg I love it so much so far I read it all in one night I cant wait for more updates.


I just got done writing what feels like a mini-essay, so I'll just say this instead:

Good game, very cool.

this game turned out to be quite exceptional you have more than earned the 5 stars

How can you rate a vn?

Top-right part of the page, there's a button that says "Rate this visual novel"

Thanks ^^

Is the beast hunter a route (dateable)?


If you're referring to Zhokhar, yes, eventually.


The clickspam for brute/force defence is not pleasant to repeat. My poor ol wrists.


The rapid-tap QTEs are able to be turned off in the settings, as well as all QTEs, at any point in the game.

Ahh blessed be. Thank you.

So, what happens if you don't have enough money to pay for your stay in day 6?

Literally impossible. as you get enough money beforehand and have no way of spending it between getting it and having to pay. and i dont thing the event where you get the money is missable in any way.

Techniguely you could waste all your money on the shop on that day and be homeless probably lmao

technigly..you could not. cause if you try he finds the shop closed and the owner no wher to found. (i tried that back then already.)

dang. the devs thought ahead lmao

I did not know that Killigan's age is 28 until now.


At the begginning, when u bump into the tree, the murmurs of the people around are in spanish and they translate about some cousin being gay and him being done with it, kinda funny

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