A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Set in the land of Canavar, you play as a bull-like barbarian named Killigan Stoneworth, determined to follow an enchanted treasure map throughout the world. He meets several companions along the way that join him in his quest for unimaginable riches, and who can become more than companions, if you wish.

Killigan's Treasure follows an overarching plot at heart, but you CAN choose to pursue a relationship with certain companions (All relationships are currently M/M). Each of them has their own backstory and events that tie back into the overarching plot, so you don't miss out on any story-critical information just for pining after a boyfriend.

Deep in development, will be a work in progress for a while to come. Beware, it's NSFW and only for people ages 18 and up!

Wanna support development? Check out the Patreon!

Created with Ren'Py!

Install instructions

Windows: Extract the .zip somewhere on your PC and double-click the .exe!

Mac: Should only need to double-click the app!

Android: Download the .apk and install!


KilligansTreasure-0.3.1-pc.zip 323 MB
KilligansTreasure-0.3.1-mac.zip 305 MB
killigans.treasure.v031-3-universal-release.apk 336 MB

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Can someone tell me when will this game update?

just curious

Once per month, during the last week of the month.

ouhh thank you very much


Just A Joke :




Sorry ^ 3^


Ah Cara . . .

Amei Essa Atualização, Eddio, Achei O Macsen Muito Fofinho, Adorei Suas Animações De Magias Também !

Acho Que A História Está Tomando Um Rumo Muito Melhor Que A Anterior !

Estou Bem Ansioso Pela Próxima Atualização !

Obrigado Por Nos Disponibilizar Esse Jogo !

Te Desejo Sucesso E Uma Boa Saúde ;3

Bye Bye ^ 3^

Is the update today?

Yes! It'll be at 2PM EST

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YAY, cant wait.

i love it! and wasnt expecting the watersports but i looooved that scene!

How did you get that scene?

just dont go to the bathroom and be bottom with the dog

Deleted 28 days ago

I loved the update! had a lot of fun content and the battles are great, but on android the quicktime events are not very accurate, I would also like to know when the next update will come out

Thanks, and January 25th.

Love this version of the game as much as the last. Was wondering though if steer means something different in that world since he would be a bull as he still has balls. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the new parts.

Thanks! And whoooops haha, that'll be fixed remedied in v0.3.1

Hi , i am playing on android and there was no s** scene , i dont know if i missed it or if there isnt any implemented yet 

It's not guaranteed, acting a certain way or failing enough times with the combat beforehand can cause it to not even be offered.

really confused because even absolutely spammin the mouse button i loose the fight, and after i do the user interface is fully blacked out, pressing the middle mouse button shows the scene but not the text smh

gonna try redownloading it n seein if that helps

ok nvm im so stupid it literally says to hold it lmA

New version way better that the old one loving it keep it up!

Oh you let go of the frog and went with a dog. Would prefer a pretty kitty but I can make due.  

Mac (and everyone else) is coming back in the next update, v.0.3.1, as detailed in this devlog.

The two questions on start what does they do

This game is just amazing and I'm really thankful for the android version, that way I can play easier, whenever I want OwO.

so far my only complaint is the parchment filter is too strong over killigan's portrait in the equipment menu :P otherwise really amazing stuff, and I'm thinking this is going to end up an amazing game

Yay thank You <3

Eu Criei Um RPG ( Linguagem Brasileira ), No Aplicativo mRPG, Que Se Passa No Mundo de Killigan's Treasure ^^

Qualquer Interesse, O Link Está Aqui ↓

"Killigan's Treasure - Br"!


Espero Que Não Seja Proibido Deixar Links ^^"

Eddio, Se Ler Isso, Gostaria de Dizer o Seguinte : Gosto Muito Do Seu Jogo, Já o Acompanho Há 1 Ano E Pouco, Fiquei MT Feliz Com A Nova Atualização, O Jogo Avançou Muito, Você Também Avançou Muito, Espero Que Consiga Mais Sucesso Com O Jogo ;3

Thanks! This is really cool and I'm flattered that you like it that much!

Sorry to say it but on my tablet which is a 4.4.4 android i can't play the game

I've reinstalled 3 times the game and the apk and still can't

It might be on too old of an Android version to support playing it. Does it occur with other Ren'Py-based games?

Nope it never occured on Ren-Py based game before and the last version worked well too

Try again? Let'see is work or not work? Sorry about my english :)

it's pretty good,i loveee it 😚

do patreons get early early access? If do when I may become one cause as many VN I've seen, they always have a early access before it goes to the public. Also, will there be a galley soon

Patrons will get early access to builds after v0.3.1, yes. Even earlier access at the highest patron tier, with access to testing builds.

the game locked up when I went over on the defence game thing  it’s just stuck on this screen.

never mind when I went to close the game to restart the are you sure yu want to quit menu poped up and fixed is some how. still a bug but at less I got around it XD

I've fixed this on my side, it'll be working properly once v.0.3.1 is released.


Love the new update to the game but there should be an option to load a save game from the main menu and to load saves when in not in a conversation. Since if i want to load a save i have to start a new game everytime.

(2 edits)

you can load a save from the main menu and about load save when in or not in a conversation you can do that too.

(1 edit)

How, is it a binding then?

(1 edit) (+1)

it's on the top right of your screen when your playing. 


Any spacific release date for android build?  I would love to know if it will be released before the end of the month or even soon.


Very soon, I've finally gotten it packaged and I'm testing it right now to make sure there's no progress-blocking bugs.


Yay for Eddio !

just a small heads-up, i got roughly an hour into it before losing combat (couldn't get the timing on the defense QTEs), and then the game blacked out. i could hear that there was dialogue, but nothing i did brought back the visuals or menu. PC version if that helps.

really liking the look of the game so far otherwise, and i'm happy to give it another stab with more saving this time around, haha! still, happy to just eventually see what else is in this build!

Sorry that happened! Which instance of combat did it occur at?

This happened to me once, but it was at the last batle available (the one with the scalie fellow) with the orange QTE (it came back after trying to quit the game).

I've fixed this on my side, it'll be working properly once v.0.3.1 is released. For now, the workaround for the black screen issue is:

  • Open up the console with SHIFT + O
  • Type in "hide screen effect_punch" (without quotes)
  • Type in "exit" (without quotes) to exit the console

third one, with the canid and croc guy!

the QTEs for Red and Green I understand but the orange one I don't so I keep losing armor not knowing how to interact with it, anybody help on when I'm suppose to click during it etc?


The orange one you gotta hold a high bar, so that you can defend yourself.

The yellow one (where it starts from both sides) you gotta click as soon as the bar fills out.

yellow one that affects dodging yes thank you. sorry it looks too similar in color to orange defense one lol.


If you mean the one with 2 bars, wait for a second or two and try to time your button press with the bars colliding, signified by a !.

If you mean the one with 1 bar, hold down the button to build up your defense and release the button to lower it. The higher you have it charged once time runs out, the lower your chance of an armor piece breaking (signified by the different thresholds), but be careful not to charge it too high (signified by the QTE itself cracking) or your defense will be lopsided and an armor piece will break.

the dodging QTE so i guess the yellow one? it looks like another shade of orange to me sorry lol. but the "!" doesn't show up, all i see is two...yellow bars at opposite ends colliding with an "uh oh" of failing it every time.

If you're not spamclicking through dialogue and don't have your cursor where the button is, it shouldn't immediately fail the QTE...which instance of combat does this happen at?

its not instant fail, I just didn't see the "!" you mentioned before. I tried again since then and finally saw  the "!" but was so quick, guess I never noticed it until now lol.

Oh! Glad it worked out then haha


Where is android version


I have to say... This really was a complete overhaul. Very well done! Almost teared up at the prologue again and I'm honestly quite enjoying the day by day gameplay! Very curious how some of the choices effect you in the long term.

thanks eddio  for new version so great i hope story will be interesting

A historia é bem interessante e modo batalha é bem divertida (Amazing.

The story is very interesting and battle mode is very fun)


no Android nooo.i hope android back 


I've been thinking about becoming a patreon of you after playing this build, but I don't know what you mean adult-oriented scenes, but I do get the deal with patreon exclusive builds, meaning faster then usual? I wanna make sure I get what I paid for.

"Input on adult-oriented scenes" means that you'll see the more intimate scenes as they're being developed, either on Patreon or Discord, and can give feedback to help improve them.

Genies uild, but I quickly noticed you took out yellow gecko's story, didn't fit huh or maybe you wanted to make more for sense of the story and add it later when it felt right?


Mac hasn't been taken out, he'll be in the next build, later this month. This build was a revamp of the story up to just before entering Aris.


real good stuff so far! can't wait for the full game. also! there was a mention of a discord server in the game! where can I join?


Thanks! And there's a button on the title menu that'll lead you to it

Looks awesome so far!
A bit sad about not seeing the characters from the earlier versions, but the sheer improvement on literally everything else more than makes up for it. 

Always so excited to see notifications for this game! All the new stuff looks great! :)


where is android


Aww no android :( looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer to play this so I can have some privacy XD

Yes, it's finally here!!


Where did android version go ?

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