v.0.23a Release!

Hey y'all!

This update picks up exactly where last month's left off, including a conversation with a Zhokhar that's suddenly appeared, as well as a few more days of travel content!

Additionally, the CG gallery (or Memories, as it's referred to in-game) has been fully implemented! Enjoy browsing through all the major moments that have happened in the game thus far!

And lastly, due to a oversight, the maximum amount of rations you could leave Aris with was 5. This has changed to become limitless, only being bound by how many you can buy before you're out of ouros. There will be an opportunity in one of the next updates to get more rations, to help address this. Also, please be aware that you can forage on the travel hub screen during most nights, allowing you to both refill your canteen and make a foragemeal for the night!

Anyway, that's about it! Hope y'all enjoy!


KilligansTreasure-0.23a-pc.zip 483 MB
Dec 31, 2021
KilligansTreasure-0.23a-mac.zip 448 MB
Dec 31, 2021
com.killigans.treasure-55-universal-release.apk 481 MB
Dec 31, 2021

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i still have no idea how to forage and I'm out of rations... is there an Icon I have to press somewhere

edit: I found it, Sorry for the trouble

I keep getting this glitch where in the armour equip menu, it just doesn’t work, nothing gets equipped so I can’t actually do anything in the game :/ is this a new glitch in the update?

Are you solely clicking or are you trying to drag equipment pieces to their respective slots? Functionality changed a while back to a drag-and-drop system for the equipment screen.

However, someone else encountered a similar bug, so it may in fact be a new one. If dragging doesn't work, please describes the steps you took as best you can as well as any error screens if they pop up.

Right, I've got it now, thank you sm for helping me figure it out, keep up the great work with the VN :)

thank you so much for new public update killigan's treasure and happy new year 2022 

I'm probably missing something obvious, but what exactly was the travel hub screen again? I'm struggling to find where to forage for food and water during the nights.

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You can refill your canteen (If it is low) and forage for meal (If you have no more rations) by clicking the river which you can see in the left side of the travel hub screen (Next to the large tree that Macsen is resting upon). The travel hub screen is the scene where you can choose to talk with one of your party members during the night, gives you the time to check your inventory, or just sleep if you don't feel like talking. (It always appear before a day ends).

Hope this helps!