v.0.2 Release!

Release v.0.2 is here!

It took a little longer than I originally planned for, but it's finally ready! A revamped prologue, the introduction of quicktime events, and Day 2 are the main features of this release, hope you guys enjoy it!

Known issues that'll be patched in the upcoming hotfix:

  • Starting a new game and skipping the prologue leads to a...unique bug where Killigan's not quite as bottomless as he's supposed to be
  • Letting the time run out on a later quicktime event causes the game to crash
  • Some miscellaneous dialogue grammar fixes


KilligansTreasure-0.2-pc.zip 311 MB
Apr 16, 2018
KilligansTreasure-0.2-mac.zip 294 MB
Apr 16, 2018
KilligansTreasure-0.2-release.apk 314 MB
Apr 16, 2018

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