Hotfix 0.1a and Future Releases

Fixing time!

  • Fixed an issue where, if Killigan has a friendly personality, and the top-right slot is clicked on in the equipment screen, the program crashes.
  • Fixed a bug also on the equipment screen where gold was stuck at zero. Now he has actual money, hooray!
  • Added an indicator to show when the equipment screen can be used (for the first scenario).
  • Added a quit button to the main menu.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that you'll need to restart your playthrough, especially if you were aiming on taking a friendly route with Killigan. Sorry!

I'm also gonna go ahead and give you guys advance warning that there will likely be many other situations like this, where a fresh playthrough is needed in order for the game to play properly. I'll try to minimize these as much as possible, but because this novel is a work in progress, anything can happen. In fact, there will be another one needed for the next major release, where I'll be implementing the codex system. However, with the skip function and ability to skip the prologue after going through it once, you should be caught back up to where you were within a minute or two. Speaking of that...

More good news! For the next release:

  • Day 2!
  • Codex system
  • Redone prologue
  • Android release

I've been listening to your feedback and I'll be fleshing out the prologue to give better insight into Killigan's backstory. I'm aiming to keep the events pretty much the same, but with much more detail. There'll also be Day 2 of Killigan's journey, where we'll explore the town, as well as the codex system, which will provide lore and history on the events and races in Canavar at the push of a button! I'll also try to iron out all the rough edges with an android version to release alongside it. I hope to be able to push this release out within the next month or at the latest, early March.

Also, thank you SO MUCH for the feedback and support so far! I'm honestly blown away at how many downloads and views there've been just within the first few days. It means so much to me and really encourages me to make this the best novel it can be.

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