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Thanks for your fantastic world!  Like this story so much, and the game interface looks fairly comfortable! 


Man, great work here Eddio! Love the revamp. Also, I noticed a funny glitch earlier where you could have Macsen offscreen if ya mashed H while reading his notes. I was mashing H for....studying, reasons. Boves have great anatomy. 

Yeah, the game doesn't respond well to button mashing (outside of the quicktime event that requires it). I've got a few ideas on what I can do to limit those kinds of glitches, so that should be fixable

one funny thing I noticed while testing a turbo button is if you click 30 times a second the loading bar pauses because it doesnt have enough time to keep going down


Is the project still going, because if so please...please update us (>;-;)>

I really hope so.

when trying to put the clothes the buttons simply that really supposed to happen?

Nope, it's not. One workaround is to do a fresh reinstall or try on another platform. Still trying to figure out the root cause for this

Oh,ok. Makes sense.

Also,I forgot to say,but it was in android version this error 

how long it's update  tell me please

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This game is still in development? There is a so long time from the last update that I'm curious if the project was abandoned πŸ€”

By the way,the prologue(?) is fucking awesome man. The way the story was wrote is also very,I felt as if myself where in there,being part of the story hahaha. 

Lil Killigan is so cute,but the starting is so sad lol. It is so strange see sadness in cute like seeing that anime of lollies killing one another πŸ˜…


Eddio is still occasionally posting news on his personal twitter ( He's basically reworking the prologue, creating assets and adding more of the planned characters into it. Just be patient, stuff is still happening.


Oh,nice. That is like a relief,cuz I liked the game so far but didn't saw something new and was already thinking the project was canceled.

Thanks for the info ^-^


When will the next version be released, and are there any secret scenes we should know about?

I like it ;) Waiting for more <3


I like the art style keep up the good work 


i just want the hard scaled dragon not taav and macsen pls make options of how to kill them both...jk just an option where u will be forced to pick one of the three to go to ur adventure....pls...

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Some time that this visual novel is not updated, it's really sad 😭

Yeah, I hope it gets picked up again.


cant wait to see the new character 

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does anyone know when next update ?

i really liked it so far but it's wasn't updated in 4 months 


You can find recent news on his tumblr page.


Pretty awesome so far! please keep up the good work :)


pls more pls


Do you have a patreon?


What type of NSFW You mean adult or Mature?

Just Sayin :P


I have a question:

In the future there's a possibility to add some character from the fans to the game? (at least as a cameo :3)


This looks fffffffreaking adorable.
Will give it a try as soon as possible, watchlisted for now.

i am waiting Next update Hope it will be Cool!


your game is good please do more updates

I'm so looking forward to the finished game! Just donated $8, hope it helps, keep up the wonderful work! <3

I'm kinda excited for this project, I really like the heavily cartoonish artstyle. The various expressions and scenes so far look great. I'm curious to see where this one will go.

omg can't wait the update and btw thank you for making this game i keep repeating the game πŸ˜ƒ

<3 You have Fulfill my *DREAM* <3
it has lots of emotion of the character luv it! Keep up the good work :D

I almost cry when the main character decide to give up ;) GLad he get his ass backup.

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I'm SOOOO into this game! I really look forward to the next update!

EDIT: I just finished my 2nd run and I have 2 question: 

1) there will be more possible partners in the future?

2) any sex scenes?


1) Yes!

and 2) Yes!! Both will be coming in later releases

Thank you so much, both for the answer and the effort you're putting into this this game! 

P.S.: I, also, reblogged Killigan's Treasure via Tumblr. I have only 63 followers, but I hope they will promote your game even more!


The demo was 10/10

its fun to play πŸ˜ƒand  i will be waiting for the next update

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The quick time event was really a good idea, and the rework of the begin of the story really pull me in nice work keep it up.  πŸ‘

And by the way sometime the main character horn where the chunk is missing, it would switch side sometime I don't know if you seen it, it happen when the main character turns to the left.

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I love the game, I can't wait to see the new update.

I already love the game. I just need to know one thing. What's your update schedule for this?


Thanks! The update schedule is roughly every 1-2 months, but this upcoming release will be stretching towards the end of this month due to the amount of content being packed into it.

Sooo about this game...I'm in love with the art style and characters and desire more~!!!!

love it! its got a lot of personality!

Great so far! Im really enjoying it and hope for more soon!

I love it!!! <3 <3

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